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EagleLight Systems

modern capabilities for Ergolight Systems

Software for

Ergolight Fixtures by Ledalite

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Keep Your Ergolight Lighting Fixtures Running

Your building uses Ergolight intelligent lighting fixtures produced by Philips Ledalite. But, the original control software is dated. Our software, EagleLight, is the modern control software for Ledalite’s Ergolight intelligent lighting system.  

Our software allows you to update your servers to the latest operating system and security standards. 

The user interface is cloud-based and accessible by any browser from any device.  Enterprise-level, role-based security with IP restrictions ensures secure but intuitive access to your lighting controls.  All features from the original Ergolight control software, such as scheduling and energy management, are available in an updated interface.

Cloud Based

Access control to your ErgoLight system from wherever you have access to the internet.


Access all systems from anywhere. Gain the ability to host multiple clients at the same time.

Easy to Maintain

Modern Architecture means the application easy is to maintain, cost efficient, and scalable

Central backup

Security in in your backups. You can access backup configurations on a daily basis.

Why clients chose us?

Our software allows you to continue to use your Erogolight system with all modern operating systems.  Or you can eliminate the need for your own MCU control servers with our gateway appliance.

For a seamless upgrade, we can import your legacy database of fixtures, schedules and users.

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Upgraded User Interface

Improved Dashboard

  • Node Trees: Nodes are shown on the dashboard and can be added, deleted or renamed.
  • Groups: Feature categories which can be added, deleted and/or renamed.
  • Search: Search nodes or groups within the node tree.
  • Turn on/off Task or Ambient: Users can turn on/off or change task levels

Upgraded control system

Sensor and Scheduler Control

  • Daylight and Occupancy Sensor can be enabled or disabled.
  • Dimming: Users can setup timer to adjust brightness levels.
  • The scheduler controls Command Times, Repetitions Definition, Date and Time.

Ongoing support for ergolight products

Save on Fixture Replacment

We are here to support you and your Philips Ledalite’s Ergolight system. We can help you continue with existing fixtures with controls built for today.

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